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I’ve loved everything about Premme since it started this summer: I love the campaign shoots, I love the models, I love the designs, I love their social media, and I am so happy for Gabi and Nicolette that they have created something so powerful and wonderful. When I saw the Sol dress from Premme, I knew it appealed to every part of the way I dress.  ‘Wearable statement clothing’ is basically how I would define my style and this dress fits into that super well- I want to stand out but I don’t want my clothes to be too fussy or difficult.

I wore this dress for a meeting about the publicity for my book, Plus, which is a coffee table book of plus size style (available to preorder now if you so desire!), and then for dinner with my friend Elizabeth, and I was absolutely blown away by the number of compliments I got from people I know and people I didn’t know. Someone in the lift at Penguin Random House, another diner at the place we ate dinner, a shop assistant in Space NK. People were drawn to the beautiful marigold colour- it’s unusual, it stands out, and I feel like the colour really suits me. I love it.

Something I loved about Premme was being able to see clothes on models of three sizes. Not every item is shot in all three sizes, but there are always at least two, which means it was really easy to judge which size would be best for me based on my body size and shape in relation to the models. I have this dress and the green glitter skirt in size 2, and I’m a size 20-22. The sizes are 0/1/2/3/4/5/6/ and it has a helpful and accurate sizing guide as well as a range of models, which makes it quite easy to make a good decision. The size 6 corresponds to a UK size 32, so it’s more inclusive than most mainstream plus size brands, let alone independent brands.


This dress also looks amazing worn as a jacket: it’s not too cold in London today so I’m wearing it over a high-neck sweater and it just feels so great.

Dress: Premme
Boots: Evans

I paired it with my brilliant pink earrings I got at Next at the end of the summer which I felt was a great colour combination with the yellow. And on my lips is Nars Powermatte in Starwoman, which I had to hunt high and low for because it was sold out in lots of places in central London. I think it was worth it.

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