Belated intro.

I understand it’s probably bad form to post an intro after having done a first ‘proper’ post, but hey-ho, I’m going to do it anyway.
I’m Bethany. Nice to meet you. I’m 21, from South East London, I study French at UCL (going into my final year) and when I grow up I want to be a magazine journalist. I love films and fashion and feminism, I’m disappointed in how little I cook and am trying to remedy my un-musicality. I have lots and lots of clothes and far too many nail varnishes. This blog is just for fun; I have no delusions of grandeur, I don’t expect everyone will like me and I do not have designs to be the coolest girl on the internet. But if it happens, I ain’t complaining. It could be argued that I exist solely on Twitter (look, I even made one for this blog, but I’m also a voracious reader of other blogs, mainly fatshion.
I don’t have much of a coherent style, I just really like clothes, and sometimes I wish I could boil my look down to a few well-matched items but…. that would involve a painful cull that I’m not ready for.
I’m very confident, especially with my figure, and if that offends you then please vent elsewhere because I’m not going to argue my right to fatness with someone whose definition of beauty is as narrow as my little fingernail. Body-positivity is the key to why I’ve started this, because I want to add to the legions of girls and women who are affirming their beauty and their identity through their clothes, not hiding behind them.
Here is my face:
I’m ginger at the moment, but apparently it can’t stay that way because it involves bleaching which will WRECK my hair, so I’m contemplating my next move. 
This is called the Arched Eyebrow because I grew up being self-conscious of my thick, dark brows, until I realised they were a really significant part of a beauty I admired in other women, and started to really embrace them. Now, they’re probably one of my favourite features. Like I said, all about the positivity!

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  1. welcomeeeee, blogging is addictive!
    love the berlin outfits, esp the first one.

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