Meet My Midi.

After being inspired by lots of ladies about the internet with lovely midi-length skirts and dresses, I decided to invest myself. I’m not freakishly tall, I’m 5ft9, and yet it feels like no skirts or dresses really cater to people that are even slightly above average or have long legs. The midi, therefore, is a relief. I know it’s horizontally striped (horror!) and that I should issue some disclaimer on fat girls in stripes, but I’m saving my thoughts on rules like stripes for another day. 
I’m trying to rein in my shopping habit, but ducking into Primark in Croydon in the rain yesterday led me to stumble upon two lovely dresses, the second of which will make an appearance soon!
I much prefer this dress without the cardigan, but it’s a pretty rubbish day and I can’t really justify going out without one. That’s the only thing about this dress: it’s quite hard to find an appropriate cardi/jacket to go with it. Oh well, I don’t really understand colours so here is a knitted mustard creation!

Dress: Primark
Cardigan: George chez Asda
Braided rope belt: American Apparel
Shoes: Evans
I have size 10 feet, so any shoes you ever see here will be from Evans, or the occasional pair of New Look sandals (their size 9s fit!), or bought from Payless Shoe Source in New York. Just FYI.

4 Replies to “Meet My Midi.”

  1. I like the cardigan with it, too! And, oh, God, I feel your pain re: shoes; I'm a size 10 everywhere except Evans, where nothing fits no matter what. URGH.

  2. love the colours and that rule about big girls not wearing stripes is ridic, you look fab xo

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