It was once commented that someone I saw on a bi-weekly basis had ‘never seen me wear jeans’. Whether or not that was down to the fact I always tried to look glamourous and delectable expressly for this person is sort of secondary to the fact that, no, I don’t really wear jeans all that much. Or at least I try not to. So today is another dressed-down day. And my jeans are ripped, which is a shocker. Until I bought these a couple of years ago, the only kind of trouser I would wear was dark, skinny jeans, so these boy fit creations have been a departure from my previous tastes and necessitated a completely different type of top, which has been good for re-jigging what I’d automatically go for.
Oh, and I always roll them up.
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Evans
Leopard-print scarf: H&M

3 Replies to “Slouch.”

  1. This is a really cute, relaxed look. I love the loose top with the jeans. It is way too hot where I live to wear scarves, but I'll have to remember this look for when Fall rolls around again :).

  2. I didn't know you had a blog until today! You are GORGEOUS. I am similarly blessed with eyebrows on the bushier side and you have inspired me to do something more with them, rather than just let them grow wild which they seem to be doing at the moment…

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