Keeping it Together.

Sometimes I feel like I look a bit of a mess, with too much going on and no coherent strategy, plan or logic to what I’m wearing, so today I tried to go for a more ‘classy’ look, or at least a more classic look. I just got this mac in the NW3 sale, and it was hideously expensive to begin with so even with 50% off it was still a serious investment. But I love it, it’s beautiful, it’s lined with gingham and has an inside pocket. What more could a girl want? Evidently a lot, given I’m looking particularly humourless today… sorry.
Mac: NW3 at Hobbs
T-shirt: H&M
Silk trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Evans

2 Replies to “Keeping it Together.”

  1. Ahh I love NW3 by Hobbs, the only time I can afford things though is in the sale. This mac is defo a great investment piece though.

  2. This is looking very much like an outfit my French colleagues would wear (whereas I stumble into the office looking like I fell out of a skip)

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