A Bit of Leg.

In Cannes this year, a colleague/friend of my father’s who has known me since, well, birth, saw me come down for breakfast in a sundress and sandals. ‘GOSH! Bethany, you are so pale! I’d never noticed before! You really are so pale…’ Yes, Liz is right. I am so pale. And the reason she’d never noticed this before is that, by and large, I cover up. Generally you have to be in a position to see me naked/in swimwear to discover that, in fact, I do have legs rather than carved wooden stumps or a carefully-arranged amalgamation of Twiglets. So here’s the proof. A particularly ‘summery’ outfit, I decided to go for this in an attempt to force the London weather to be nice for a day. It seemed  to have worked until I left the office, when it rained, and by the looks of things I’ll be delightfully summer-esque all weekend.

Also, I realised I’ve never shown y’all what jewellery/accessories I wear, so I’ll be making more of an effort (as of now) to put the spotlight on my trinkets!

Top: H&M
Belt: Marks & Spencer
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: New Look

 Ring: H&M
What kept my hands busy whilst watching The Sopranos last night.

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  1. Being pale is a good thing! I was always quite embarrassed of being so milky white until David convinced me otherwise. I've only ever tanned once, I looked weird!

    As always, you look gorgeous. I went & bought soem vests from Evans seeing that some of your clothes from there xx

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