Have No Fear.

So, I guess, when you go out dressed like this, fat or otherwise, you should expect a certain amount of public gazes/comments. Luckily, I can take it. It seems any time I make a ‘controversial’ wardrobe choice I become the single most interesting thing anyone’s seen in, oh, at least a week. The way I see it, if I like what I’ve seen in the mirror before I left the house, then it’s all good with me. I know for some people, it’s other people’s reactions that’s the litmus test, but… a hell of a lot of people are a) terribly dull b) badly dressed and c) narrow minded, so I’m pretty unlikely to let their confusion at an outlandishly dressed chubby girl affect my wardrobe choices. I just wish more people could worry less (worrying about things like clothes and the reactions of other people you don’t know is boring and a waste of time. There. I said it).
 Jumpsuit: H&M
Sandals: New Look
Handbag: Mulberry
Earrings: Gogo Philip at Topshop

Supercool watch: Primark
NB: the jumpsuit may have breathed its last, as I discovered a ‘sizeable’ hole in the ladyparts. So unless I get handy with a needle & thread (which I probably will), enjoy this while it lasts.

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  1. I love this outfit. I've just bought some peg leg leopard print trousers and I was a bit hesitant about wearing them being a fatty but they are so flattering and I love them! Worn them loads already.

  2. Fantabulous. "Hole in the ladyparts" made me snort with laughter!

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