Mountains Beyond Mountains.

Well, what luck! After seeing the wonderful Arcade Fire perform last night, I decided that today I would wear the colours of the Quebec flag, but I’d completely forgotten that today is Canada Day! I was very impressed with Arcade Fire, and when they opened with Ready to Start it reminded me of cold, wintery walks up the ‘mountain’ (big hill) Mont Royal that gave Montreal its name. So, inspired by Montreal’s finest Arcade Fire and in honour of the great province of Quebec, today I wear the blue and white of the Fleurdelisé flag. Happy Canada day!
Dress: French Connection
Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Belt: American Apparel
Plimsolls: Primark

 Ring: Liberty Blue (
I know it’s a deviation from the colour theme, but I got it in the post yesterday and I just couldn’t bear the thought of not wearing it. Isn’t it amazing? From what I can tell, Liberty Blue is a new jewellery company and they had a start-up sale to get word out. Suffice to say, I’m impressed. I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon and it was through my letterbox by Thursday morning. I may tell people that my deep-sea diving lover scooped it up from the bottom of the ocean… or I might just tell them I bought it on the internet.

Nail varnish is E.L.F. in Coral


3 Replies to “Mountains Beyond Mountains.”

  1. LAVVVVVVVVV IT. You look fab, the jacket really pulls it all together x

  2. Ring witnessed in the flesh – a very fitting addition to your accessories, especially when being so 'dark and brooding' :]. Perhaps the stone holds powers, or maybe it's just to make sure Samba knows what's coming should he delay…

    Great work with the blog Bethany, keep it up!

    P.S. Maybe you need one of these as your next 'accessory' –

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