Before & After.

Hey y’all! Happy Monday to you. There’s no particular reasoning behind this weekend’s outfits, other than that it was surprisingly difficult to gauge the temperature and dress accordingly. On Saturday I had to do a quick-change because I was far too warm in my jeans, long jersey top and mac to survive the rest of the day with any kind of dignity. And one must preserve one’s dignity when one has an evening with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to look forward to. My brother, the style icon (ha), made the following articulate assessment of my lipstick: ‘You look like a character from Dragonball Z’. Ho hum. This outfit also continues my new pledge to go bare-legged more often. Terrifying.
Dress: Topshop (Tall)
Jacket: Primark
Loafers: Evans
On Saturday afternoon, I got myself a haircut. A straight fringe used to be my standard style, but since I’ve had short hair I haven’t had one for ages. Ta-da! 
Dress: H&M Divided
Leggings: New Look
Loafers: Evans
And this morning, Bianca paid me a visit! For those of you who don’t know me IRL, Bianca is my long-suffering secondary school best chum, and as you can see, is very beautiful. That’s why she has the dubious honour of being my first guest star, because when she came round I absolutely loved her outfit. So summery and so pretty!

Anchor-print dress: Marks & Spencer
Espadrilles: Primark

3 Replies to “Before & After.”

  1. Love that first dress, my legs are really horrible with prominent veins and really bad cellulite so I NEVER bare above the knee 🙁 Jealous! x

  2. the new hair looks gorgeous bethany! also very much approve of that lipstick, is it mac? x

  3. Oh my word. I might have to have a little cry about how beautiful her dress is. I will be scouring ebay with my eyes blurred with tears!

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