Goin’ To The Chapel & We’re Gonna Get Married.

On Saturday, their nearest and dearest gathered in Midhurst, West Sussex, to witness the happy, happy wedding of Adam and Alice. Adam is one of my oldest friends, Alice is newer, and I can’t wait to get to know her better. It was a beautiful day, not least because Alice is stunning, and wore an utterly perfect dress. I love the way she rocks the short hair, and can’t fault how she kept looking elegant and gorgeous all day and night! All my love to Adam and Alice, thank you for such a wonderful day and wishing you many happy years to come!
I don’t know who designed Alice’s dress, but if any of you would like to know for the purposes of being a hot bride like her, just drop me a comment and I’ll find out!

Dress: ASOS
Sandals: New Look
Necklace: H&M

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

This photo is by the beautiful Katya Gruzglina!

(if you can see it, nail varnish is Candy Orange by Nails Inc for InStyle, and toes are Fashion Fawn by Nails Inc for InStyle)
I wore it with the All Saints leather jacket I was wearing in Friday’s post (although I hardly wore it as the weather was great and there was a lot of dancing to be done), and this gorgeous satchel from ASOS, which I got at the last minute because I realised I had no appropriate bags for the occasion. It’s gorgeous, and now that it’s in the sale, I’d recommend it even more.
Congratulations, Adam & Alice!

4 Replies to “Goin’ To The Chapel & We’re Gonna Get Married.”

  1. That is one gorgeous bride!

    Your dress is so pretty!

  2. Lovely dress – you and the bride!

    I wish you hadn't shown that satchel…it may have to be a payday treat come friday.

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