Sunny Saturdays & Sundays.

So here’s what I wore to go for lunch and a look round the shops in Kingston with the lovely Bianca. Had a tasty tasty chicken katsu curry and got a gorgeous dress in the Whistles sale. It’s a lovely coral shift dress with an exposed gold zip down the back, made of thick, waffle jersey, which is a bit too hot to wear at the moment but I can’t wait to wear it when I’m back at uni.

Sunglasses : Ray Ban
Dress : ASOS
Cardigan : UniQlo
Sandals: New Look
Necklace : H&M
Annnd this was my Sunday outfit for buying my beloved fa a birthday present and having an afternoon drink in Soho! This dress is such a favourite; I have two French Connection sundresses that I bought in 2007 and have been wearing ever since. I absolutely adore the print on this, and it seems to fit no matter how much weight I lose or gain!
Dress : French Connection
Belt : H&M

Shoes : Evans

And a rare face shot to show my new favourite thing, MAC eyeshadow in Orange. It’s completely matte and super pigmented. I understand it’s a bit of a controversial colour but I just love it!

Some time this week I’m thinking of doing a post about the contents of my makeup bag. Let me know if that’s something you’d like / particularly not like to see!

6 Replies to “Sunny Saturdays & Sundays.”

  1. Too, too good Bets. I would be delighted to lunch with such a stylish lady. I especially love the FC dress. The eyeshadow is amazzzzzze.

  2. Fab!! I would love it if you did a tutorial on your eyebrows!! I love them! xx

  3. I am so into neon eyeshadow at the moment, I bought this super cheap palette by some new brand called Sleek (the palette is called Acid) just for one colour that was in there to use with a specific dress, but those acid brights are so fun to wear and blend together I am wearing all my brightest prints just as an excuse to try out new combinations. Makes me feel all summery!

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