Sunday Lunch.

 Hello, hello! Before we begin, I’mma say one more time that if the urge takes you, then I would be beyond flattered if you chose to nominate me for a Cosmopolitan blog award for being a ‘new fashion blogger’. Obviously that is not why I do this, but ever since one of you readers said you’d nominated me, I thought I should alert the rest of you to the fact it exists!

An outfit from the weekend; something I wore to lunch on Sunday with my family in honour of a) my birthday and b) the fact my baby brother has finally survived his A-levels in enough style to get into Oxford Brookes, so he’s off there next month. Good for him, eh.

Dress : Primark
Scarf : Primark
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Payless
Look at the great print on the scarf! And it’s huge, it’s really long and wraps rounds loads of times, which is basically the only thing I ask for in neckwear.
This is the necklace that I was hiding under the scarf. My brother ‘got’ it for me for my birthday, which means my mum chose it, paid for it, wrapped it, then gave it to him so he could hand it to me on the day. This is how he operates. Still, it’s a very nice necklace! It’s from Mikey, if you were wondering. And dontcha just love the print on our sofas? Very stylish.

7 Replies to “Sunday Lunch.”

  1. Lovely outfit, and a super lovely blog! I am glad I found it :o)

  2. Gorgeous dress! Can I ask, If it were belted would it still be long enough to be decent?

    (I'm an inch taller than you and about the same size. I want the dress!)

  3. Hullo from New Zealand.I have just read your blog from start to finish and I think your fab!

  4. Ahaha, this is how my brother operates also. Love the dress!!

  5. Super cute scarf! I keep trying to stop shopping in Primark, they keep reeling me back in!

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