The Art of Dressing Appropriately.

 Finally! At the age of 22, I’ve cracked how to dress for bad weather. I love this outfit and hope autumn is conducive to me wearing it a lot. 
I get warm far too easily (lots of insulation), so even when it’s raining I don’t want to wrap up. Light layers and boots are, therefore, the answer. The gorgeous jacket even has a HOOD which is about as useful as you can get, no?
The shirt is a proper favourite of mine, and has become a fix-all cure for ‘what-to-wear’ days. Pussy-bow blouses + skinnies are a look I gravitate towards because I love prints, and because floaty on top/tight on bottom is a good combo for me. Oh, and these jeans are a total lifesaver- I’ve never found a style I love as much. This outfit was worn for dinner with Mark, which I’d intended to use to plan what we want to do in Florence next week but instead we just ended up chatting, then for drinks with the ever-wonderful Imogen and Melanie.
I found this jacket/cape hybrid on a sale rail in the Topshop in Selfridge’s at the weekend. I checked the label of the only one they had. It was a size 10. Not to be deterred, I tried it on. Now, I don’t need to tell you that I am most certainly not a size 10, but it fits! It does up, it’s the perfect length, even when done up it’s still oversized. Frankly I don’t know how they sold any bigger than a 10 because I don’t really know anyone bigger than a size 16-18 who would even bother looking in Toppers to begin with.
Most of the time I take photos using my tripod, but when my brother’s in the house when I’m photographing, I get him to do it. These photos are an example of why he should not be allowed to photograph me, because a) he takes pictures when I’m not ready ; b) he makes me laugh and c) he will only take a maximum of 3 photos before going on strike. So this was what I ended up with…
(I know I’m meant to hate them, but I do kinda love the size o’ my thighs/hips)
Cape/jacket : Topshop
Blouse : Topshop
(Camisole : New Look)
Skinny black jeans : Evans
Boots : Evans
Ring : Primark
Nails : No. 7 in Devil’s Delight
I’d have been better off using my tripod, eh?

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  1. Love that ring- wish I'd seen that at primark! Love this blog its fab. I like that hood but I think it'd look amasing if it was red

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