When I’m not living on the internet, I have other pursuits. One of these is being the co-editor of my university’s magazine, and I’ve been working on it all summer. I don’t act alone: I’m lucky enough to have as co-pilot one of my very favourite friends, and this post is a ‘what we look like when we spend a day editing a magazine’!
And here is one Nisha managed to snap of me where it looks like I’m doing the robot.

Jacket : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Top : H&M
Jeans : Evans
Shoes : Evans
Necklace : This Charming Girl
Earrings : Topshop
This is the beautiful Nisha. She probably has the most consistent style of anyone I know, and everything she wears is so incredibly ‘her’. She is an utterly amazing co-editor and I can tell you already that it’s a pleasure doing business with her!
Shirt : Ralph Lauren
Trousers : American Eagle
Shoes : French Sole
‘Who did your monogramming?’ ‘My monogrammer’ (true story)
Wishbone necklace : Dogeared
Pearls : somewhere in Singapore
We were visited in the office by our friend Willo (who is now my neighbour!), who was a former arts editor of the magazine and is clearly finding it hard to tear herself away! Willo has an enviable wardrobe of vintage and vintage-esque clothes. When we worked at different magazines on the same floor of a publishing company this summer I always looked forward to sneaking round the corner to her desk to see what she was wearing.

Jacket : Market stall
T-shirt : H&M
Jeans : Urban Outfitters
Belt : American Apparel
Shoes : Topshop
Sunglasses : Market stall

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