A Fine Vintage #1.

So, I was at the bus stop the other day. The electronic indicator said I had 3 minutes to wait for my bus. That’s fine, I thought. 3 minutes is fine. The bus stop is right outside a charity shop, and a woman was looking at a dress that caught my eye. She put it down, I ran in, grabbed the dress, grabbed the dress behind it too because it was amazing, ran to the counter, paid my money and ran out again, in time for my bus! I don’t usually charity-shop but that’s only because I assume that any of the stuff they have in my size will be a bit rubbish. On this occasion, I found two proper gems. This dress is actually the second dress, not the one that made me run in there in the first place.
I wore it to the first day of London Fashion Week for the Krystof Strozyna, Sass & Bide and Leutton Postle shows, and I actually felt pretty great in it! 

Dress : Marie Curie Cancer Care
Shoes : Evans

7 Replies to “A Fine Vintage #1.”

  1. I am in love with your dress and your hairstyle!! It is sooo cute!

  2. The dress looks like it was made for you, and it's perfect with your lipstick!

  3. I never shop at charity or vintage shops either because they never do my size, this is lovely though! x

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