A Request.

Do you remember way back when, and someone told me they’d nominated me for a Cosmo blog award? And then other people also said they’d done it? And I was really confused and flattered and blushed because it was so exceedingly kind of you? 
Well, I’m now nominated for the best Student Blog award. Wow. Or, as I’m apt to say, ‘wowzer’.
I’m relatively new to the blogging game, and my heart leaps every time I get a new follower, a new comment or a new tweet. Time after time I’m massively touched and surprised by the way everyone’s embraced the Arched Eyebrow. 
So if you stand by all the kind things you’ve said and would like to follow up my nomination with a vote, then I’d be honoured to receive it here:

So, I thank you! I know it’s a really trite thing to say, but even if I don’t win, the warm fuzzy feeling of being nominated is more than I could ever expect. Thank you for your ongoing support. I feel I should do a giveaway to say thank you!
For now, here is a gratuitous picture of me being JFK.

Back tomorrow with my second new vintage dress!

4 Replies to “A Request.”

  1. For some reason work has blocked the cosmo website (not twitter though?) so I'll do it when I get home. BETHANY FOR PRESIDENT I MEAN WINNER!

  2. Not sure if it worked.. I click the link and input my address and it said thanks for voting but I haven't clicked on anything specifically arched eyebrow-y!! hope i've done it right, please let me know if not! x

  3. your blog is so lovely! congrats, you deserve it! and good luck!!


  4. I'd be delighted to vote for you, your blog is up there with my favourites, I never would have known you are new to blogging, it all seems so professional and organised, and in general really interesting, good luck!


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