Crazy In Love.

Throughout our lives, it seems the message we’re meant to ingest is that the ultimate goal is to find romantic love. I believe in love, but over the years the kind of love I’ve come to value the most is the unconditional, unromantic and yet totally perfect-in-every-way friendship kinda love. No one embodies this better than Annabel, who I have loved since the moment I met her. We’ve never argued once, we’ve barely disagreed, and when we have, I’ve learnt loads from her. She is wonderful, and I honestly couldn’t conduct my life without someone as rock solid and exemplary as her. Any of her friends or acquaintances would agree- and that’s a fact.

So here she is, looking beautiful as ever, on our date-day on Friday! Thank heavens she had the day off work, because we had a hilarious/brilliant/stylish day of Soho strolling.

Vest : Forever 21
Cardigan : H&M
Belt : Joy
Skirt : cut off a dress
Pumps : Topshop
Bag : Ebay
Sunglasses : H&M
Jacket : Primark
Top : H&M
Jeans : Evans
Shoes : Evans
Necklace : Tatty Devine
Sunglasses : Ray Ban
Stackable rings : Urban Outfitters.
I know you’re not meant to mix gold and silver, but evidently I’m a massive pervert because I actively chose to commit this fashion transgression!

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