A Fine Vintage #3.

 Unless I find another gem in one of my rummages, this will be the last ‘A Fine Vintage’ edition for a while! This is the dress I wore when I was helping out Michelle of Red Bows Boutique  (or on Twitter @RedBowsBoutique) with some photos for an upcoming website, and I liked it so much I bought it. Michelle is a great lady, and what she’s doing is basically what I’ve been wishing someone would do for a long time: sourcing beautiful vintage clothes in bigger sizes. There were loads of pieces on her rails that I could have bought and worn to my heart’s content. So if you love vintage but lament the lack of fat-size vintage, then keep an eye out for where Red Bows will pop up next! 
Dress : Red Bows Boutique
Shoes : Evans
This outfit was worn to stand around UCL’s campus, thrusting copies of the magazine I co-edit in people’s faces, cheerily saying ‘Pi magazine! It’s the UCL magazine! It’s really good! I made this!’. I think the lovely outfit and lipstick made me feel marginally better about invading people’s personal space.

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