Girls I Like.

I realised recently that there are very few people I look to for ‘style inspiration’, so I thought I’d have a big think and then write a post about them! Some totally predictable, some kind of surprising, some slim, some chubby, but all wonderful in my eyes.Khloe Kardashian

Surprise! I really dig the Kardashians. But mainly Khloe because she’s got a bangin’ sense of humour and whenever I ‘Keep Up With the Kardashians’ I want what she’s wearing. Her wardrobe of maxi dresses, heeled boots and amazing knitwear make my heart ache a bit, but I am consoled by the fact I’m not a millionaire socialite and can make do with what I’ve got.

Beth Ditto

So here’s the deal: there is nothing about Beth Ditto I don’t like. In my eyes she can do no wrong. I’ve seen the Gossip/her solo a few times now and every time she blows my mind. Her talent, her attitude, her outfits are all bang-on. Here’s a fat girl who breaks every ‘rule’ in the book and has made herself totally untouchable. She’s not just an inspiration because she’s a fat girl in the public eye, she’s an inspiration because of how she conducts her career and her personal life with bravery, ferocity and true style. Her clothes are a veritable rainbow, and she plays with tightness, textures, shine, volume and pattern better than anyone else I can think of. She is a real icon for my belief that fashion is fun (even when you’re fat). Take note.

Nicola Roberts

I shall make no secret of the fact I liked La Roberts a whole lot more before her most recent ‘makeover’. Pre-ludicrous extensions and veneers, I loved her sweet dresses and swishy bob. Now, not so much, but I still have the glory days to guide my choice of dresses. The photo on the left is actually one of my favourite celebrity looks of recent years, and strangely it’s a casual out-and-about look rather than a red carpet. That coat, those gloves, that hair, those jeans. Swoon.

Nicolette Mason

A total champion of the goth-glam look with black and crosses teamed with floaty chiffon and sequins, blogger Nicolette Mason has the wardrobe and the look I wish I had. There aren’t many bloggers I look to for straight-up fashion inspiration, but Nicolette is one of them. Her eye for accessories (ridiculously amazing necklaces, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs etc) is second to none, and her warm-hearted, gracious nature is one of the finest accessories she has. Oh and the block-heeled courts in the left-hand photo have sent me into an internet-trawling frenzy, looking for similar ‘sensible’ heels to attempt to wear in ‘everyday life’. In short, when I grow up, I want to be Nicolette Mason.

So, there you have it! A small selection of the ladies who make me think about fashion. Now it’s your turn: who rocks your wardrobe?

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