More My Kind of Thing.

So on Monday I begrudgingly posted an outfit where I entered into the spirit of our ‘heatwave’. Now the weather is decidedly ‘back on track’ I can indulge my love for Proper Autumn Clothes. I’ve been complaining for a while in various quarters of the internet about how hard it is to find a nice sweater dress that’s also long enough for me to wear as the advertised dress. I used the power of mind control to find one in Cos on Wednesday. I was a little early for brunch with a friend and decided that if I went into Cos,  they would surely have a jumper-dress hybrid to please me. And so great is my cerebral power that it happened. Look! It has leather pockets! How amazing!

Sweater dress : Cos
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans

Owl necklace: Lou Makes
Sadly Lou Makes is closing its (internet) doors imminently and the lady herself is very generously giving 50% off everything with the code ENDOFERA, so I picked up this gorgeous little owl necklace amongst a couple of other things.
I don’t know about you but I’m thoroughly enjoying autumn!

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