Winter Flowers.

At the dawn of time it was decreed that all people who wanted to write about fashion on the internet needed to own one thing. That thing was a camel coat. One of the best and truest blogger clich├ęs is the camel coat. We’ve all got one. And here is mine, used to make the lovely charity shop dress of a few weeks ago that I wore with bare legs more autumnal.
Coat : Henry Holland at Debenhams
Dress : Marie Curie Cancer Care in Archway
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Boots : Evans
Bag : Beyond Retro
Usual face, but with Topshop Lip Stain in Bitten Berry
Ring : a present from Frankie. It’s totally cool because I have actually no idea what it’s meant to be (I decided it was a lily pad, being an artist he decided it was a palette) but it looks great anyway, plus it’s always nice to have a man, or indeed anyone, buy you a ring for no real reason. 
Upon reflection, I think this is a contender for Favourite Autumn/Winter Outfit!

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