Winter Flowers.

At the dawn of time it was decreed that all people who wanted to write about fashion on the internet needed to own one thing. That thing was a camel coat. One of the best and truest blogger clichés is the camel coat. We’ve all got one. And here is mine, used to make the lovely charity shop dress of a few weeks ago that I wore with bare legs more autumnal.
Coat : Henry Holland at Debenhams
Dress : Marie Curie Cancer Care in Archway
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Boots : Evans
Bag : Beyond Retro
Usual face, but with Topshop Lip Stain in Bitten Berry
Ring : a present from Frankie. It’s totally cool because I have actually no idea what it’s meant to be (I decided it was a lily pad, being an artist he decided it was a palette) but it looks great anyway, plus it’s always nice to have a man, or indeed anyone, buy you a ring for no real reason. 
Upon reflection, I think this is a contender for Favourite Autumn/Winter Outfit!

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