A Fine Vintage #4.

I thought #3 was going to be the last instalment of my ‘A Fine Vintage’ series but NO! It has not come to an end yet. While I enjoy and endorse all forms of internet and, indeed, internet shopping, the one element of it I’ve never really got into is Ebay. But after a few casual clicks the other night, and a quick check with my Twitter crew that it wasn’t completely hideous, I’d ordered this dress. For less than 2 quid! I really am on a roll with my second hand clothes these days, what with the Marie Curie dresses, my beautiful Red Bows dress, the, um, remarkable shirt from the last post and now this. 
Speaking as someone who genuinely believed that vintage dresses were the preserve of the slim lass, I am heartened and wowed by this late discovery.

Dress : Ebay
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans
You may remember in this post about ladies whose style I adore that Nicolette Mason had fuelled my desire for a pair of low-mid chunky-heeled black courts. And I never thought the day would come when they would waltz into my life, but that day has come. Realistically, I don’t wear heels. They don’t really work with my life, and I don’t try to make them work. But a low, chunky heel is a pleasant alternative to my usual flat, and isn’t terribly difficult either. Patience is a virtue, and now I’ve got everything I ever wanted! (The heels, a sweater dress and a knee-length skirt). Victory is mine.

And just to prove the shoes have a wee bit of a heel!

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