I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about my hair. I change it an awful lot. But now I’ve mostly settled into a style and I’ve given up changing its colour, I feel it’s time for a career retrospective of my hair.
When I started university in 2008, I had long, dark hair with a fringe.
Then the fringe grew out and it got freakishly long.
Then that summer I lightened it. (Hi Bianca & Chloe!)
Aware of how unpleasantly long it had got, I cut it to a more sensible length.
Then for the beginning of my second year at university I dyed over the lightened hair with red dye, which I loved. A lot. (Hi Josh!)
Then I got REALLY fed up of having long hair. I realised that my hair was always tangled, it never felt clean, I never did anything interesting with it. So I cut it off and felt better instantly. I also went back to a more natural colour (which is still a lot darker than my real hair). (Hi Lucy, Emma & Martha!)
Then I slightly changed it to this, which is my favourite hairstyle to date. The long graduated bob suited me, and I now realise it is my optimum hair.
But instead of keeping it like that, I decided to cut it off before I moved to Montréal in August 2010.
There it gradually grew back, and when I came home for Christmas it was like this.
But I couldn’t stay still for long, and out came a fringe and a move towards redness in February this year.
It even got long enough for me to be able to put it up like this.
And the week I got back from Montréal, it looked like this.
So I figured it was time for a change, and this happened.
To avoid death by bleaching, when I got back from my summer travels, I dyed it brown again. (Hi Nisha!)
Annnnd it’s basically like that now, except it’s light brown because I stripped the colour out using Scott Cornwall Colour B4 in anticipation of going swimming. Now I’m in the pool 5 times a week, it seems pointless to be dying it when the chlorine will just take the colour out. So here we are, in the present day.
I suppose that’s been quite a lot of hair between my first and fourth years at university! Is there a style you liked more than others? Is my current look too blah? Oh, the trials and tribulations of a change addict…

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