Pleats & Pearls.

I’d seen the pleated Primark skirt on a few blogs and liked the idea but thought the execution was a bit off. Then when I was at Charlotte’s at the weekend, I spotted a gorgeous COS creation that was like a perfect version of the Primark skirt, and in a better colour, too! It was on her ‘to sell’ rail, so I duly obliged and took it off her hands.
Also, I’d been considering my hair options for a while and concluded that going to a rich, warm auburn was a safe bet. I like it.

Detail of the neckline on the blouse

´╗┐Coat : New Look
Faux-fur collar : Primark
Blouse : Primark
Camisole : Primark
Skirt : COS via Charlotte
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Evans
Thank you so much to Sophie and Nick for meeting me for a quick photo session in uni! Very much appreciated. Less appreciated was Nick’s direction, which sounded mostly like ‘that’s an awkward smile’. ALL MY SMILES ARE AWKWARD.

Question : I know I don’t do it at present, but would it be helpful or useful if I included the size of the items I’m wearing in my photos? Let me know, plz.

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