Leopard Love.

 There is little in the history of design that I adore more than leopard print. My love for leopard print is well-documented, and I have countless leopard clothes and accessories. I don’t care one bit if people think it’s trashy or reminds them of a barmaid- there are worse things to be than a barmaid! Anyway, I love it, and on a recent trip to Bicester I found this amazing sweater dress in the Jaeger outlet. It made my day. 
And remember I said last week about how I wanted a more ~ladylike~ coat? Well how about this? I even managed to get my hands on one of the coats in my wishlist (top right, although I posted it in burgundy rather than navy), and I got loads of compliments on it. Including from a Twitter friend who spotted me sailing up the escalator at Euston with ‘a lovely coat on’!
Looking naughty in my new coat! I think ‘naughty’ is my default expression.

To prove I can smile in photos sometimes, as ghastly as it might be. My brother says I have ugly teeth, an American friend I had ‘British teeth’. Sux 2 b me.

Coat… OPEN!

Coat : Topshop
Sweater dress : Jaeger
Tights : Marks & Spencer
Shoes : Dr. Martens
And one of my messy, messy hair for you. Lipstick is MAC in Snob.

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