Pretty Women.

Last night was a good night for soirées: Beth had her work Christmas party and I had my UCL LGBT Christmas party! (UCL LGBT reprazent! Social secretary brap brap! etc) Much fun was had, and I for one used it as an excuse to dress up all fancy.
Usually when I ask Beth to take my photos she’s wearing her pyjamas. Yesterday I took advantage of the fact she looked lovely to get her the other side of the lens.
Dress : New Look

Lipstick : Revlon Red
Annnnd this is basically my favourite dress of all time. I bought it around this time of year in my second year at UCL and I wore it pretty much non-stop for months after. At some point, the zip broke and I never got round to fixing it. Knowing how much my weight fluctuates, I decided that rather than just replacing the zip, I would have a couple of wide bands of elastic put in so that if I lost or gained weight, my beloved dress would still fit. I think it worked out pretty well. Thank you to Stitch-n-Time in Archway!
Dress : Topshop (UK 16)
Chunky heeled court shoes : Evans

Lipstick : MAC in Ruby Woo
False eyelashes : #207 by Eylure

Nail varnish : Katy Perry for OPI in Teenage Dream (and they did play Teenage Dream in G-A-Y Late, so it was quite apt!)

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