Gok O’Clock.

I’ll level with you: I have bras that I’ve worn since 2005. I never match my underwear (no one ever sees it! Ho ho ho!). Lingerie is not really my area of expertise, but when I was invited to the launch of Gok Wan’s collection with Simply Yours, naturally I was curious. I don’t really ‘do’ shapewear, partly because I think my shape is quite excellent as it is, and partly because of the Bridget Jones dilemma (I always live in hope). This, however, was lovely. The colours made such a difference to the overall aesthetic of the collection. Shapewear that’s pretty and functional is hard to come by, but the shades and the detail on this was really, really cute. The lipstick pink stuff in particular floated my boat. Let’s take a little look…
Obligatory Gokshot.
And what I wore…
Coat : Topshop (UK 16)
Dress : Topshop Tall (UK 14)
Collar : ASOS
Shoes : Evans
Hanging out with all the chubster bloggers at the event made me SO.EXCITED. for Plus London Two in a week and a half’s time! We’re a nice bunch 😉 
Special thanks to Simply Yours and Chase PR for getting it all together yesterday!

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