What’s in my Handbag.

I’ve looked like rubbish all weekend (50-hour at-home exam, yay!) so thought now would be a good time to turn the camera away from me and onto the contents of my handbag. It’s a standard-issue blog post that I’m yet to do, so here it is, friends! 
The bag I am very, very lucky to carry is a Mulberry Mitzy hobo. I’ve had it for about a year and a half, and I’m still crazy in love with it. As a day-to-day bag goes, I can’t think of anything I’d prefer. I see people every so often with the black or tan versions, but I’ve never seen another deep purple one. I feel a little bit inelegant when I carry my swimming stuff around in my backpack, so it’s nice to go back to being a real grown-up with this.
And here’s the contents!

 The proper essentials that I should really have with me at all times are my Vivienne Westwood purse, my keys (not to mention my various keyrings…) and my Ray-Ban reading glasses.

The useful non-essentials are a pair of gold-spraypainted headphones (which have seen better days- anyone got some gold spraypaint I can borrow…?), some gorgeous Gap gloves with added arm-warming value, and a cute Cath Kidston umbrella.

The beauty bits I keep on me are Kiehl’s lip balm (I’m using a vanilla-scented one right now), a small bottle of Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne, a tin of Steam Cream (which can get a bit messy in your handbag, just to warn you), and a heart-shaped Marc Jacobs mirror.

And in addition to that, here’s what I’m carrying around at the moment! The lipsticks I have on the go are MAC in Pink Plaid and Revlon in Strawberry Suede, I’m currently trying to read ClĂ©lie, and my hat of choice is a plum-coloured H&M beret.

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