Underneath My Clothes.

Happy Friday! Here’s a review! Of underwear!
36E bra and size XL brief (sorry for no pic of me wearing it: I want a career so thought better of putting mostly naked photos of me on the internet)
When I received my package containing the Betty set from Elomi Lingerie to review, it contained the bra, the briefs (with a strangely hand-written label that initially confused me) and a compliments slip that read ‘We were out of stock of your size in the briefs, so we got some made up for you’. 
Now, I know you’re likely to say ‘Welllll obviously if you’re getting someone to review your product, you want to keep them sweet’, but I think it’s pretty rare for a company to go to that much effort. Usually if something you want to review is out of stock, you’re just told to choose something else and be done with it, but not here. 
When I met the ladies from Elomi at Plus London Two, I was actually quite taken aback by how enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate they were. And when you wear their products, it’s easy to see why. 
So, the Betty: it is lovely. Truly, truly lovely. I usually wear padded bras, and occasionally SUPER padded ones, but this one is completely un-padded. The bra is probably the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, which may have something to do with the fact I’m now wearing the right size (thanks, Elomi!) and almost entirely down to the utterly perfect design. I screwed up a couple of weeks ago and bought a few cheap bras in La Senza, which I have lived to regret because even though they give me an amazing chest, they also poke me unpleasantly and leave attractive red marks. None of that here! It feels like having your boobs lifted by a cloud. Or something. But really, I’m finally coming to terms with the sheer joy of wearing comfortable underwear and henceforth am unwilling to compromise on that. The knickers are adorable and frilly and fitted me perfectly, were the perfect shape and a real pleasure to wear. Strange thought, but I guess both were so comfortable I sort of forgot I was wearing them.
I thought the underwear was terribly cute but wasn’t sure how men feel about twee, girly stuff (not that I care much, but whatever), so I modelled the set for a human male and casually surveyed him. ‘I like it. You can’t go wrong with polka dots. Also, it sort of matches your hair’, which sounds like a resounding endorsement if ever I heard one.
So, there you have it: after years and years of being a lazy wearer of underwear, putting up with ill-fitting bras and un-matchy pants, I have been converted by Elomi. The difference is extraordinary. I feel better already.

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