Sweet Charity.

I’ve been so lucky to find some beautiful things in my small, local, fairly unremarkable charity shop (Marie Curie Cancer Care, Archway – reprazent!). It’s right next to my bus stop, so if the 390 or the 134 are taking their time, I’ll nip in, sift through the dress rack by the door, and run out again to hop on the bus. I hadn’t rummaged through their tops yet, but did so the other day when the 390 was a brain-aching six minute wait (I’m spoilt, I know) and unearthed this pretty great shirt. Shoulder pads, big black buttons, kinda weird neckline. It’s all good. 
I’ve said it before, but here’s the moral of the story : there are fat girl clothes in charity shops. We are not the first people in the history of the world to have been fat. Fat vintage exists. Go forth and rummage!
Coat : New Look (UK 16)
Shirt : Marie Curie Cancer Care, Archway
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins (UK 16)
Shoes : Evans
And here’s a better look at the sunglasses. Obviously this photo was taken on a different day, earlier in the week (different jacket, scarf, lipstick), but it shows you how fully glorious these specs are. I’ve never had round sunglasses before, but I love the shape, the colour and the tinted lenses. Sweeeet.
Sunglasses : ASOS

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