Polka Dots & Leopard Spots.

Sometimes I want to dress like a nice young woman, other times I want to dress like I’m going to key your car. This ’80s-meets-’60s outfit is for such an occasion. 
Leather jacket : All Saints (UK 14)
T-shirt : H&M (L)
Skirt : vintage, from Re:Dress NYC (may she rest in peace)
Shoes : Evans
Headscarf : donated to me by my best friend, which she bought in Greece
Pineapple necklace : H&M
Lipstick is MAC in Ruby Woo
Earrings : H&M
Now, when you’re dressed up all fierce, you gotta have someplace to go. I chose.. BURGER QUEEN. As any of you who read my Twitter will know, I’m a finalist in the frankly fucking brilliant fat beauty pageant, Burger Queen, because I won the first heat two weeks ago. Charlotte from Obesity Timebomb won last week, and my beloved Lauren Pocket Rocket was competing in this week’s heat. OF COURSE SHE BLOODY WON, so Charlotte, Lauren and I will be joined by next week’s winner in the final! I was a bit nervous about the final before, but now I’m totally at ease: it’s going to be one fat party in the Royal Vauxhall Tavern!
Lauren charming Amy Lamé during her Trend round
The completely wonderful and indispensable Becky the Door Girl and Josh the Intern.
Scottee wearing NOTHING BUT TIGHTS, and lots of them…
Swoon! Lady of my dreams, longtime fashion/life inspiration Amy Lamé <3
So there you have it! Burger Queen Heat 3 and what I wore to see it.

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