Mixed Fortunes.

This dress is a bit of a strange one. I half love it, half hate it. I was sent it to compensate for a certain brand’s fuckery (may I add, not the brand who manufacture the dress but the brand who sell it, so the problem is twofold), and had high hopes for it. I do like the dress. It’s cool, it’s unusual, it’s a leather pinafore so it matches something cutesy and girly with something tough and dark. The problem is that when I said I’d take the dress, they’d sold out of my size, but had one 2 or 3 sizes bigger. I thought ‘oh, that’s ok, it’ll probably look good oversized’. LIKE HELL IT’S OVERSIZED. I genuinely feel for anyone who bought this dress in the size they usually wear, because it is tiny. This size barely fits me and I usually wear at least 2 sizes smaller. Not just small, this dress is almost obscenely short, so if I want to wear it in the day, I have no choice but to wear it with jeans. Oh, and while we’re at it, the lining is often visible at the hem, which is kinda uncool. So it’s not the dream dress I’d hoped for, but it is a good dress. 
The fact it’s real leather was the source of much interest among the people I saw yesterday. One said ‘… I’ve never seen anything like it!’, which I thought was sort of sweet and funny. Another’s assessment was ‘Bethany, you’re looking very S&M today’. Anyway, I wore it over the top of my Primark shirt, that I’m mostly into pairing with wet-look leggings, so at least it’s got multiple uses.
Dress : Ellos
Shirt : Primark
Jeans : Forever 21
Shoes : Evans
Sunglasses : Primark
Closer look at the sunglasses! Lipstick is MAC in Snob.

The nails have been getting a lot of attention this week! Base is Barry M in Mint Green, spots are Models Own in Lilac Dream.

Annnnd my much-beloved claw ring, which was a present from my best friend Annabel!

Many, many thanks to Willo for taking the photos and getting them right first time! It’s a skill, bro.

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