Au Naturel.

Apparently it’s ‘National No-Makeup Day’. Whether or not that’s true, I just wanted to, for once, post a photo where I was makeup free. Someone asked me recently if I ever go out without makeup and the answer is mostly ‘no’. So I guess I just wanted to prove to myself and you that the world will not implode if it sees me au naturel. You’re still there, right? 😉
It’s not my responsibility to wear makeup ever, let alone all the time, and I need to put that knowledge into practice. I just feel that my overall look works better with makeup and I feel more comfortable in myself. Feeling good about yourself is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and yet I can’t help feeling that my attraction to makeup is a sign of something more sinister, that I’ve bought into some myth that I need to perpetuate.
Answers on a postcard.

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