Gingerbread Men.


I know it’s a really douchey thing to do because you probably didn’t notice I was gone, but I’ll just begin by apologising for my absence- I’m in my finals at the moment so most of my time is spent essay-writing or revising in my pyjamas in bed, which doesn’t make a good blog post. I did, however, make myself look like a normal human yesterday for my oral exam. I thought at the very least I would charm my examiners with my cuteness, even if it turned out I could speak no French. And I even went out for dinner in the evening. So a hair-wash, a slick of lipstick and a pretty dress were in order!

This is probably one of the cutest dresses on the planet. Collar, pocket, waist, and the twee-est print ever invented. In some ways, it’s not very me, but in others it’s right up my street. I really love it, and I especially love it that I got it at the very last minute with a 25% off code (now expired, sorry!)

Dress : ASOS (UK 18)
Shoes : Evans

Lipstick is MAC in Ruby Woo, green flower earrings are from High Tea in Highgate (yeah, I buy my earrings in a café, what of it?), gold heart studs are from Hannah Zakari.

Look at the little gingerbread men!

I’m actually gallivanting today, doing something very exciting in relation to this blog… stay tuned!


7 Replies to “Gingerbread Men.”

  1. Love the dress, it's an adorable print! XX

  2. Beeyout! I would have given you cent points on your exam.
    Do they have the dress in deathfat sizes? My closet is aching for it.

  3. Oh wow that is so so cute! It's sold out though, boo 🙁 You look adorable.

  4. OH my goodness, what an adorable dress!! I want one!! Of course you look absolutely fab too!!!

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