Welcome, welcome to the first post on my new blog! Well, same blog, different design, different URL. Again I’ll apologise for my sporadic posting, I’m in exam season for another nine days but the urge to play with the new blog is overwhelming. What better way to usher in a new era than with some sexy underwear? Yesterday I decompressed after my French grammar exam by checking out next season’s lingerie chez Elomi and friends. My life has improved tenfold since wearing the right size bra, and I now actually take pleasure in my undergarments.

I wore this monochromatic ensemble

Shirt : Primark (UK 18)
Jeans : Dorothy Perkins (UK 16)
Shoes: Evans
Necklace : Tatty Devine (it’s a unicorn, duh)


So here’s what we have to look forward to…

These sets are from Freya, which I enjoy very much because it suits my generally flirty, girly, print-obsessed style. And seriously, who doesn’t love a longline bra?

This set is from Huit, who are a French manufacturer and unfortunately don’t make as extensive a range of cup and back sizes as Freya and Elomi etc, but this set was just too dreamy not to photograph.

Now for some Elomi. I am absolutely crazy about this set that I actually own in red (which I reviewed here), but I can’t get over how cute the navy blue is! Deliciously nautical, says I. The knickers are, for real, the comfiest things ever. It’s like wearing a cloud.

And here’s some Elomi lingerie in action. This beautiful woman was here solely for our viewing pleasure, modelling the fuller-figured underwear ranges and generally making me feel weak with lust at some chunky thigh action (What can I say? Surely anyone would feel the same)

Seriously friends, there is so much good stuff coming up from Elomi, Freya, Fauve, Huit and co in the way of gorgeous underwear in back sizes and cup sizes that actually accommodate you. My crusade to be kind to my chest is in full swing, and long may it continue with these delicious designs helping me out.

¬†Huge news! I’m actually going somewhere tomorrow night so there may even be another post on Monday!


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