you’re evil and you lied.


My Morrissey obsession has been longstanding. So when my beloved Amy Lam√© (under Scottee‘s direction- you may remember Scottee from here!) got going on a birthday party (Unhappy Birthday, get it?)-themed homage to the great man, wild horses couldn’t keep me away.

Whenever I wear this jacket I feel like a sulky child going to a birthday party, so it seemed apt. Oh, and since we’re in revision mode and¬†serving some Morrissey realness, my glasses.

Faux fur jacket : Primark (UK 16)
Dress : H&M, donated to me by Beth who takes these photos (L)
Shoes : Evans

Reading glasses by Ray Ban, lipstick is MAC in Rebel, Morrissey necklace by Fable & Fury

Nails are Nails Inc. in St Johns Wood

Unhappy birthday to you. And if there’s any possible way for you to see the show, you seriously must! It’s a proper Mozfest, and ridiculously fun.

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