Well, it’s the home strait. I have one exam left before my holiday so I’m trying to get into the frivolous spirit with some suitably summery attire. None more delightful/disgusting than this sheer, tie-dye vest from Primark. Alas not worn to stroll the streets of Lisbon in the sunshine (as it will be doing in two weeks), but instead worn to take an exam in Bloomsbury before a midweek date of peanut butter milkshake and finally seeing Headhunters with my beau.

Top : Primark (UK 16)
Skirt: Marks & Spencer Limited Collection, via my mother (UK 16)
Shoes : Evans

And my lovely, lovely Tatty Devine bunny rabbit necklace with a little fluffy tail! I picked it up in the sample sale at the weekend and gosh, am I in love! Also visible is my Freya bra, the Roxanne. It is brilliant by virtue of it being blue leopard print, with white daisies that have glittery centres. This is why I like having my bra on show.

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