The time has come. Two years after most people my age, I have finally finished my degree! I started BA American Studies at Sussex in 2007 but dropped out after two months because I kept crying about being there (lol), so I started BA French at UCL a year later. I spent two years at UCL before spending my third year at the Université du Québec à Montréal (massive shoutout to all my Montréal pals and any secret readers I have in Montréal that I don’t know about!) and now, finally, I have come to the end of my fourth year back at UCL. Which means I’m done. Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier. I want to squeal with joy at the time I’ve spent at UCL (and UQÀM). I’ve learnt so much, read so many books that have taught me loads, made the most extraordinary friends, co-edited a magazine, survived heartbreaks, drunk a lot, cut my hair off, danced a lot, had massive fun with the LGBT network, seen parts of the world I never thought I’d get to go to… basically, my university life has been completely wonderful and I am so grateful I got to live it.

So drunken antics will have to wait ’til Thursday when more of my pals are finished their exams, but I put my pen down at 1pm yesterday and have been walking around in a strange daze ever since. A celebratory dinner at Le Mercury in Islington was in order.

Shirt : Primark (UK 18)
Jeans  : River Island (UK 18)
Shoes : Evans

Lipstick is MAC in Impassioned, utterly fabulous earrings are from ASOS, terrible roots will be corrected on Wednesday.

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