thinking about underwear again.


No, not me. That obviously isn’t me. That’s a model wearing the bra I’ve been wearing regularly for the last couple of weeks. I thought it was only fair to give it a good go before reviewing it to make sure I really liked it, and it turns out I do! This is the Amira bra from Masquerade, and I’ve been wearing my usual size, 36E. The bra is available in 28-38 D-H so it covers a pretty decent range of back sizes for those of us who need a larger cup (or check out Panache for styles up to a K). So, yeah, as I was saying: I’ve been wearing it a lot and I really, really like it. They call the colour ‘elderberry’ but I’m more a fan of ‘oyster’ which I think is one of the most glamourous and understated shades. The detailing on the straps and between the cups is just beautiful, and when I was wearing a shirt the other day that had big spaces between the buttons, I even got a compliment on how nice my bra was. It’s really comfortable, really supportive. I’m mostly wearing unpadded, soft-cup, mesh styles, but this structured, silky number has been great for something different. Chic, sexy and just the right amount of detail. A definite winner.

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