jump around.


Jumpsuits! Possibly the greatest of all sartorial creations (yes, really). The experience of wearing a jumpsuit is, I guess, akin to that of wearing pyjamas in public: you will be comfortable all day and people will stare at you. I got this one in Asda when I took my wee trip to Brighton last week, and I’m very much in love with it. I wore it for the first time at work last week and between work and post-work socialising I got a lot of compliments on it. It may be my penchant for show-off clothes but I feel it’s very much my ideal look. I sized up from my usual size and I’m sort of regretting it as it probably is a little bit too slouchy, but that just adds to the overall effect of pyjama-wearing. This particular ensemble was my Saturday look, which was worn for late breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Angel, then a trip to the cinema to see Moonrise Kingdom (the only film that has had more aesthetic appeal for me this year is Damsels in Distress).

Leather jacket : All Saints (UK 14)
Jumpsuits : Barbara Hulanicki for Asda (UK 20)
Shoes : New Look

Boyfriend Dennis took this photo and asked if he was going to get credit. So here’s the credit. I’m now realising the fact he took it may explain the highly uncommon occurrence of me smiling in an outfit photo. Thanks!

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