walkin’ on sunshine.


You know when it feels all your stars are lining up for no particular reason and that everything is just… good? That. I’m sure something catastrophic is just around the corner, but for now, I feel I have a lot to be thankful for. I wore this ensemble for work yesterday, and then to a screening of The Amazing Spider-Man (and obviously for post-film milkshake). I really loved Spider-Man, and not just because Andrew Garfield is in my top 3 celeb babes (with Jon Hamm and Alexander Skarsgård, duh). I also liked it because it had skateboarding in it.

Top : Primark (UK 18)
Trousers : Primark (UK 18)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins
Necklace : Tatty Devine
Tote bag : promotional thing for Little White Lies magazine

I’d been wanting the small Tatty Devine lobster for a good while, and thought that a particularly happy and productive period of my life was worth celebrating with some novelty jewellery. If you remember my diamanté-encrusted prawn earrings from last summer,  you’ll know that my love for seafood-themed accessories is nothing new…

I also started a Facebook page for the blog, so if you like it, then… Like it. I figured it was a pleasant way of keeping in touch.

And thank you for the amazing, amazing response to my last post. It’s very encouraging to know I’m most certainly not alone in thinking about our relationship to personal grooming, why we do it and our position as women in a society that likes to police us. Hello to any new reader pals off the back of it!

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