a weekend of outfits.


Hello friends! Happy Monday to y’all and I hope life is treating you deliciously. Here’s a look at what I wore over the weekend…

First up, Saturday daytime. Worn for a haircut and colour¬†(as you can see), and a stroll around Greenwich. Here I am in the painted hall at the Naval College, which is pretty bangin’.

Shirt : British Red Cross in Deal, Kent
Skirt : donated to me by my mother, originally from Limited Collection chez Marks & Spencer (UK 16)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins
Bag : promotional tote for South by Southwest/Little White Lies magazine

Saturday evening I switched one ugly shirt for another in an outfit change to see Bis at Buffalo Bar. It was great, I tell thee.

Shirt : donated to me by Seb
Trousers : Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans (UK 18)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins
Bag : ASOS
Necklace : Tatty Devine

Sunday was a Bethany Special, which involves wearing two very clearly mismatched patterns and working it like a boss. It also involves deliciously thick thighs.

Shirt : Primark (UK 16)
Jeans : River Island (UK 18)
Shoes : New Look
Sunglasses : H&M

My love for cool Swedish stuff is well documented, but nothing is cooler than this dress/top hybrid from Cheap Monday. I want it, and I want it badly. Alas, it wasn’t in the sale and it wasn’t particularly cheap either. But if any of you like me ¬£50 worth, then I’d appreciate this donation to my wardrobe. I mean come on (to be said like GOB from Arrested Development) – how good is this? How much sass does it give me?

Have a slammin’ week and wish me luck at my new internship!

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