the fairest of them all.


It’s coming up for 5 months that I’ve been wearing the right bra size and paying attention to my underwear and to be honest, while I’m glad I sorted myself by the age of 22, it’s also a shame I waited so long. Nice underwear is nice. Whether or not you have someone to share it with, it’s a pleasant addition to an outfit you enjoy. So, the former devotee to plain black or white cotton bras (every day) is going up in the world. I was hit up by Simply Beach to road-test some deliciously cute designer lingerie, and I chose this from Elle MacPherson Intimates, which you can get up to a G cup.

I think I’ve found the cutest set so far. It’s almost unbearably nice, so grown up, so chic, so understated. I am crazy in love with the colours, which is part of the reason I chose it. The lace feels so fine and luxurious, especially at the top of the cup. The cream is the perfect cream, and there’s something so expensive about the slate-duck egg blue hybrid shade of the ribbon. I kind of dig cold, washed-out colours, and this is ideal. The one thing I’ll say is that the knickers are very see through. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, they are transparent to the extent to which someone else noticed. Obviously this person was already in a position to see me in my knickers, but still. As ever, I’m wearing a 36E bra and XL knickers.

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