super saturday.


This is just a brief post to say… come to Fattylympics! Come to Unskinny Bop prom! A whole Saturday of fat and non-normative fun with an awful lot of my favourite internet fats (among many others, some not fat, and some not even from the internet).

See here for what Fattylympics is, and what it’s all about, but it’s on Saturday, from 12 o’clock, in Grassroots Memorial Park in West Ham (E15 3DB). Make up for all the years of anguish at school sports day with a happy, inclusive day of resolutely uncompetitive enjoyment with a bunch of fat activists in the park.

Read all about Unskinny Bop Prom here, or just come to Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club from for some queer disco dancing in prom attire (or not, if you’d rather). Starts at 9, fiver on the door if you come to Fattylympics and know the secret password! Come slow dance with me and we can pretend we’re in The Virgin Suicides.

Both events are going to be terrifying amounts of FUN and FUN is even better when it’s shared! Fat or otherwise, come down to either/both events and have a grand old time with me and many others, make some new pals and generally be awesome.

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