oh deer!


Hello friends! Happy Thursday to y’all! This week has really dragged despite being super busy, but one thing that’s brightened it up is this completely perfect and wonderful skirt, but also the world’s best necklace.

Weird dusk lighting on the South Bank, but you get the idea.

Shirt : Barnardo’s in Deal, Kent
Skirt : Topshop (Tall, UK 16)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs

So, as I mentioned a couple of months ago, I finally finished university. I found out fairly recently that I got a 2:1 (if you’re not in England, I understand that ‘sounds like a cartography term’ but it just means I did well) which gets me into my Masters programme for September. My beloved parents kindly thought this was worthy of celebration so I’ve got a new addition to my crustacean-themed jewellery collection.

How perfect is this Alex Monroe shrimp necklace? The eyes are black pearls!!!! Be still my beating heart.

And is this not the sweetest print you ever did see?

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