the clash.


I call this my ‘mad old teacher’ look because I feel that these prints and colours give me the deliciously wrong look of a middle-aged ceramics teacher or something. Either way, I like it.

I apologise for the random men lurking in the background of the second photo- outside the Mucky Pup pub in Islington is not an ideal photo-taking location!

Coat : Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans (UK 18)
Dress : Monki (L)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins

Closeup of my lovely patterns. The coat was such a sale bargain – got it in the Evans sale for £20 reduced from something like… oh, I don’t know, maybe it was about 70% off? It’s a gorgeous summer coat, one of my loveliest Twitter followers bought it at the same time and I know we both think it was a great purchase!

I’ve decided that the birds on the coat are swallows because swallows are the best of all birds, and I love that the dress pattern reminds me of tattoos… rosy ink anyone?

And here are my lovely, lovely pals Laura and Willo! Laura is moving up to Manchester so me, her and Willo ate burritos and made lots of noise in celebration. I love Laura’s boots and Willo’s bangin’ ombre skirt.

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