I’d been doing some thinking (aloud, on Twitter) about the nature of femininity and my relationship to it. I’ve always been a super girly girl, the most identifiable femme that ever walked the earth, but lately I’ve been feeling less and less comfortable, and perhaps increasingly less myself in overtly ‘girly’ clothes. I suppose the body hair thing, the face piercing, the desire to cut my hair off and my hunt for the perfect pair of trainers have all converged to form a big question mark over what my femininity is and how it manifests itself. It’s still there, and still a huge part of how I present myself, but I think it might be more complex than I initially assumed (as are most things, eh). Anyway, enough theoretical musings. I decided to give it one last go and do full-on stereotypical girly for dinner with my best pal before he cycles his way around continental Europe and I will miss him so much I might be sick.

Jumper : Warehouse (UK 16)
Skirt : Primark (UK 18)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins
Hairband : not sure but had it since about 2009

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