weekend wear.


This weekend I took the train to Coventry and ran (literally) into the arms of my beloved pal Charlotte. We enjoyed a romantic weekend of jewellery shopping, eating at least three varieties of sausage, laughing, briefly stealing a cat, loud singing along to the Clash in the car, commissioning a mutual friend to Photoshop me into a film poster with Stellan SkarsgÄrd and many other joys.

Here is what we both wore for a jaunt on the train to Birmingham.

Top : H&M (L)
Trousers : Clements Ribeiro Swan for Evans (UK 16)
Shoes : Dorothy Perkins
Bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs (borrowed from Charlotte)
Necklace : H&M (borrowed from Charlotte)

Top : New Look
Skirt : New Look
Shoes : Debenhams
Bag : Charity shop

And look at this delight I tried on in Monsoon. I am very, very attached to it, and may consider buying it if I find myself feeling rich post-birthday this week…

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