tue bromance.


I’ve found a lot of old gems since I’ve been clearing out 10 years’ worth of stuff from my childhood bedroom. For date night with my gurl Annabel, I decided to give this old cardigan a comeback, and put this gorgeous tan bag back into circulation. I can’t believe I’ve ever forsaken them.

By the way, I’m still rocking the bowl cut but my laziness and unwillingness to wash my hair two days in a row meant sweeping it to the side.

Cardigan : PPQ for Oli (UK 16)
Jumpsuit : Barbara Hulanicki for Asda (UK 18)
Shoes : Evans
Bag : Ollie & Nic

Annnnd my new ridiculous acquisition, for your viewing pleasure. After Rachael alerted me to its existence, I knew I couldn’t be happy without it. Anyone who knows me will attest that ‘bro’ is a) my most overused word and b) my preferred term of endearment. Argos’ finest.

T-shirt dress : New Look
Parka : Asda
Shoes : New Look
Scarf : Tiger

We went to Honest Burger (quite seriously the best burgers in Soho, and they cook their chips with rosemary salt. I die.)

Annabel also enjoyed it.

Then because we are classy ladies we took our food quest to Maison Bertaux for creamy cakes…

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