the future’s bright.


My beau and I are working on ideas for matching outfits to look like a street gang/piss people off (current ideas : the YOLO donut t-shirt or my Team Zissou sweater). While these plans are being processed, we’re still pretty good at looking obnoxious on the streets of London. This weekend he commandeered my beloved canary yellow American Apparel hoodie which made the perfect pairing with my Barbie sweater.

Also unearthed from the back of my cupboard are these cute Topshop shoes, and this jersey version of the Mulberry Roxanne bag from their collaboration with Gap. What a find.

Sweater : ASOS (UK 18)
Jeans : Evans (UK 18)
Shoes : Topshop
Bag : Mulberry for Gap

With hindsight I shoulda got a photo without the hoodie because he has the single best striped t-shirt I’ve ever seen on a man. And naturally it comes from Sweden.

Hoodie : American Apparel (Stolen from me)
T-shirt : Resteröds (in Sweden)
Jeans : Weekday (in Sweden)
Socks : American Apparel
Shoes : Converse

And we combine to make a formidable gang of two/art collective/average couple like so

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